FLAMES@UGent: Introduction to version control with Git - part II

Ghent University
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 -
13:00 to 14:30

Using version control software is an essential skill for everyone that produces scripts or source code (R, LaTeX, python, ...) either professionally or as a hobby.

  • do you keep old copies of scripts around cluttering your project folders?
  • do you keep old code in comments in your scripts?
  • have you ever needed to see what your code looked like an hour ago, or 6 months ago (when it still worked)?
  • have you ever needed to find the author of a piece of code in a group project?
  • have you waited on a colleague to e-mail you his "finished" code that you need to integrate? (to get even more revisions an hour later?)

Version control software can alleviate all these pain points and more.

In this second part, we will cover more (but still basic) functionality of Git, explain the concepts behind it and demonstrate its usage standalone outside R studio. We will briefly touch on Github, the popular online service for hosting open source modules and scripts.



Free for everyone


Date and venue

Wednesday October 12 (2016) from 13:00 to 14:30 at Ghent University, PC room Alan Turing (first floor), building S9, Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281 9000 Gent.



Benny Colyn has been working as a software developer and software architect in the private sector for 8 years. His expertise is Java & Scala software development, Big Data, enterprise integration patterns and coaching junior software developers. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bennycolyn



Ineke van Gremberghe is a post-doctoral fellow at Ghent University, where she coordinates the FLAMES project. She obtained a PhD in Biology in 2009 and a MSc in Statistical Data Analysis in 2016 at Ghent University, Faculty of Sciences. She has experience in data analysis of biological data using R for several years.

For whom: 

This seminar is pitched towards anyone who writes code regularly.


Basic knowledge of R (or other programming languages). It is recommended to follow the previous seminar on version control at September 28, 2016.

Seminar: 1 hour with high frequency (weekly, two-weekly)
Benny Colyn