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This page provides links to webpages with interesting methodological and statistical information.
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  Great page by Michael Friendly with links to Statistical Graphics Rescources.

A listing of all the books and papers for which the IDRE-UCLA has developed web pages, showing how to solve the examples using common statistical packages.

A web pages offering a powerful, conveniently-accessible, multi-platform statistical software package, and also links to online statistics books, tutorials, downloadable software, and related resources.

A portal to different statistics resources.


Online textbooks


On this page, you can find there almost all known statistical packages (

  G*Power 3 is a versatile program for statistical power analysis.

  JMP is an interactive tool for statistical discovery, developed by the SAS Institute.

Lavaan is a free, open source R package for latent variable analysis developped by Yves Rosseel. You can use lavaan to estimate a large variety of multivariate statistical models, including path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis,              structural equation modeling and growth curve models.

R is a free and open source program for statistical data analysis and data processing. More information about what R is and why you should use it can be found here and here. Resources on how to use R and example analysis can be found here.

RStudio™ is a new integrated development environment (IDE) for R. RStudio combines an intuitive user interface with powerful coding tools to help you get the most out of R. It's open-source and available for linux, mac and windows.

   Home of Statistical Analysis Software

   You can find some examples on the use of SAS within research here:

  • Example 1: Studying the potential of dynamic pricing to optimize ticket sales in Belgian professional football league. A research of UGent.
  • Example 2: Unraveling the secrets of mangrove development: Analyzing dendrometer measurement data to uncover patterns in plant seeding behavior. A research of VUB.
  • Example 3: Targeting 'persuadables' with Net Lift modeling. Testing the practicality of Net Lift modeling to optimize direct marketing campaigns. A research of KU Leuven.
  • SPSS

   Home of SPSS (

This is a great site with a lot of information and resources about statistical analysis, both for SPSS, R, STATA and SAS. It provides numerous real-life examples with annotated code and output.


Statistical journals

On this page, you can find links to Statistical Journals (Links to Statistical Journals)


A system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW.

A website providing links to datasets, repositories of datasets, textbook datasets, additional data sources, other lists of data resources, and search engines